Workplace Safety Training

Employers want a safe work environment and the way to achieve it is to train employees how to respond in emergency situations. is a collaborative effort between Police Officer Safe (Glen’s project) and Firefighter Safe, offering high quality workplace safety training from professionals who handle high stress incidents everyday.

Police Officer Safe encompasses workplace safety training concerning personal safety, self defense and workplace violence response training like “Run, Hide, Fight.”

Firefighter Safe is focused on medical issues like CPR, AED, and First Aid Training and fire safety training with fire extinguishers.

Glen’s Workplace Safety Training Programs Include:

Safe & Secure:  Workplace Personal Safety  Alert and aware employees can not only secure your business, but can save your company from loss of life & property when they know how to respond to potential and actual violence occurring in the workplace.  In this presentation, Glen focuses on trusting intuition, the body’s response to stress, and the importance of planning for crimes in progress against the workplace from internal and external threats.


Workplace Violence is a realistic threat and can present itself from both inside and outside threats. Your employees have three survival options when violence occurs:  They can Run, Hide, or Fight.  This training focuses on training employees in these three options and involves role play activities to give your employees options during an active shooter scenario.


Workplace Violence can come from external sources such as criminal activity directed at your business to domestic issues spilling over to the workplace.  Internally, violent personnel issues can erupt between employees & managers, resulting in injury and loss of life.  Understanding how to deal with potentially violent people in the workplace is the key to early detection, reporting, investigation, and positive outcomes.