On May 1, 2017, University of Texas students were attacked by a fellow student armed with what witnesses describe as a bowie knife or machete attacked several people in a commons area on campus.

Witnesses on the scene reported the suspect, identified as Kendrick White, a student at UT that had fallen on hard times, began from the library toward a line of food trucks and began yelling. He apparently kicked a girl, nearly causing her to topple over. He slashed the throat of one student and stabbed three more.

One student, Harrison Brown, died at the scene. Two others were assisted by students and taken to local hospitals.

One witness to the stabbings, stopped to help one of the victims by applying pressure to the wound. He stated he made eye contact with the suspect, but fortunately the suspect ignored him.

In a recent post, I shared considerations for what to do during an active attack. I am a big proponent of helping my fellow man, but I caution people in this day and age to briefly wait and assess before moving in to render medical aid.

Kendrick White was located by police and arrested a short distance from the scene by university police. The suspect was recently involuntarily committed for a mental health examination. Classmates reported he had disappeared from classes and recently returned disheveled and depressed.

In spite of his mental health history, officials have promised he will be held responsible for his actions.

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UT stabbing suspect says he doesn’t remember the attack