Loss or injury of a family member to a violent crime is devastating. I believe most crimes can be stopped with a little understanding and knowledge. In my 25 years as a police officer, I have seen what happens when a child is abused, when a teen aged girl is victimized, when a college student is robbed, when a woman is stalked, or when a senior citizen is attacked.  It not only victimizes the person attacked, but the whole family and community at large.

Most crime incidents, if detected early, can be stopped in their tracks with a few simple techniques. Our programs focus on awareness, avoidance, and simple self defense techniques to discourage a criminal from attacking you or a family member.

We have programs for every age group.

KidsSafetyParty.com – For boys and girls ages 4-8 years old, the program can be taught anywhere, indoors and outdoors, in a school, in park, or even in a backyard. In this 60 minute program, we focus on helping children understand that most people are good, and that there are many adults who can help them. However, there are a few bad apples, and we show them how to identify bad people through behavior. Then we give them a reaction plan. We also focus on fire safety and bullying during our time with the kids.


SafeKids.training  is our kids personal safety and self defense seminar where we help kids develop awareness and avoidance skills, while building them up with confidence through discovering simple self defense skills for kids ages 6-10.  Our kids programs are designed to be fun and exciting and involve a lot of movement, yelling, and using the techniques.  We employ the “tell, show, do” method of teaching, so each technique is hard wired when needed.


SafetyParty.com is an introduction to personal safety and self defense in a presentation format (60 min.)  Designed for women between the ages of 11 to adult, SP focuses on awareness and avoidance techniques and self defense weapons including voice, hands and feet, pepper spray, stun guns, and strategies to detect and avoid personal safety problems and is customized for each group.


SafeGirls.net is a personal safety and self defense program for women that incorporates awareness and avoidance strategies with self defense techniques to stop an attack.  It is appropriate for girls beginning at age 11 through adult.  In this 3 hour seminar, participants discover what criminals are looking for and what they fear most.  We teach “girls” how to use their strength and never become a victim.  This is a physical class and is a lot of fun.


SeniorandSafe.com Senior citizens are often targeted for crime because they are perceived as vulnerable.  In this presentation, Glen helps senior citizens enhance what they already know through all their years of living:  Trust your intuition, increase your awareness, and develop action plans to stop a criminal attack.  Self defense via less than lethal weapons are presented as options for self defense.