Glen has been a police officer for 25 years and has served in numerous assignments including SWAT, Defensive Tactics, Field Training and Firearms Instructor.

In 2001, Glen began the Safety Consulting Group and provided corporate training events on the topic of personal safety. He began self-hosting self defense seminars and traveling to groups interested in learning more about personal safety.

Since that time, he has created personal safety programs, developed curriculum and taught thousands of people from every age group. Additionally, he has written books, created websites, and has built organizations devoted to security and safety for special groups.

His seminars include: Kids Safety Party, Safe Girls, Safe and Secure: Workplace Personal Safety, Safety Knowledge For College, Safe Seniors, and Workplace Violence Training.

The goal of all Glen’s programs is to offer valuable insights into how criminals think, how to gain self awareness while becoming alert to your environment, the body’s safety triggers, and simple self defense techniques to stop aggression.